Ayasa Ember Steel

Ayasa Ember Steel

Almost all European handpan manufacturers build their handpans from shells (blanks), which are produced and distributed by the Dutch manufacturer Ayasa. The new stainless steel from Ayasa has the name "Ember Steel". Stainless steel handpans or handpans made of Ember Steel resonate longer than handpans made of nitrided steel (difference between stainless steel and nitrided steel).

The following manufacturers from our store build handpans with Ember Steel:

MAG Instruments
Pepis Noblet

Specifications of the Ayasa Ember Steel shells:

Tuning ring diameter: 530mm
Total shell diameter: 560mm (including flanges)
Height: 130mm
Flange width: 15mm
Min Shell thickness: 0.9mm
Max Shell thickness: 1.0mm
Port diameter: 82mm
Port height: 19mm

Manufacturers such as Leaf Sound Sculptures or Ugur make their own shells/material. This is a very complex process that requires a lot of experience and expertise. By making the material themselves, these manufacturers manage to create a unique timbre.

Photo right: Panstream Handpan (built from Ember Steel)

Panstream BCM