Handpan 4-week course for beginners "First Steps".

12.06.2023 19:30 – 21:00
Beginner, Slightly Advanced, Advanced


First steps

Are you brand new to handpan or thinking of renting/buying one? This course is designed for beginners. It teaches you different ways of playing the handpan in a relaxed and lively way.


Participation fee 140,- € (4x 90 minutes)


Offer: Rent a handpan to participate in the course and pay only 140,- € (course fee) + 225,- € (handpan rental).


No previous experience is necessary.


I give the course live in German. It is very personal and vividly designed. Your questions will be answered and your wishes will be included if possible. With independent practice parallel to the course, you can make significant progress on the handpan. Videos are also provided for this purpose.



Course start date 08/08/2022:
Mondays 19.30 – 21.00 (4 evenings)
Dates: 08.08., 15.08., 22.08. 29.08.


Course start date 07.112022:
Mondays 19.00 – 20.30 (4 evenings)
Dates: 07.11., 14.11., 22.11., 29.11.




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About the organizer

Petra Kleinecke

Petra Kleinecke ist Handpanspielerin, Schlagzeugerin, Diplom-Musikpädagogin und Gestalt-Musiktherapeutin i.A. In Ihren Workshops verbindet sie Herz und Verstand: ganz spielerisch führt sie Teilnehmer*innen zur Erweiterung ihres Wissens und ihrer Möglichkeiten.