Mainz - Workshop "Understanding and learning to love handpan harmony".

Mainzer Weltmusikakademie
Neutorstr. 10
55116 Mainz
10.06.2023 14:30 – 17:00
10.06.2023 18:30
Slightly Advanced, Advanced, Professional

Workshop: 50,- €
Konzert: 15,- €

Südbahnhof / Römisches Theater

Parkhaus Römisches Theater

Handpan Understanding and Learning to Love Harmony


The impulse workshop is aimed at all levels. The workshop is also suitable for very good handpan players who have not yet internalized the theory of harmony.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re going in circles with your handpan game?
You have a few beat patterns and songs that you play over and over and you get bored every now and then?
Or do you have an extended scale with 10 or more notes and are overwhelmed with the possibilities and do not yet fully utilize the variety of your pan? Or do you want to finally really understand how harmony works, how chords are put together and how you can write or improvise beautiful compositions based on chords?
I offer an answer to all these questions with this course.

The first time I played my handpan, I just played by feel. It was also nice, but I felt like I kept reaching my limits. Since I started combining music theory knowledge with my handpan practice, my approach has changed fundamentally. And not only am I able to play in a much more versatile way, my daily handpan practice of 1-3 hours has been unbroken with the joy of discovery for over a year.

When we understand what tones and chord possibilities we have on the handpan, how different intervals (e.g. minor and major third, fourth, fifth, seventh and octave) are created and how they work, when we understand how inversions of chords work, we increase our possibility to express ourselves playfully in a versatile way.

I will only teach you music theory relevant to your handpan that will help you in your daily playing and not bore you with unnecessary concert pianist level knowledge. There will also be plenty of practice exercises where you can deepen what you have learned and also apply it directly on your handpan. On site, we will certainly make a little round of music together.

The workshop will take place at the Weltmusikakademie in Mainz, surrounded by countless handpans on the walls. But you can also choose to join virtually for a reduced fee. It will not be 100% the same experience as on site. But you will still get all the content, I will also answer your questions and you can then follow the exercises directly in your living room.

All participants will receive a recording of the workshop afterwards.

IMPORTANT: Only online seats are still available. For places on site you can put yourself on the waiting list!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



Leander Govinda Greitemann

Leander is an author, speaker and coach and lives in Mainz. He learned cello in elementary school, explored and also taught electric bass in depth in his youth, as well as played in various metal bands and recorded 3 albums in the studio. In his 20s, acoustic guitar and piano were added to the list of instruments. But since the Handpan came into his life in late 2020, his relationship with music has changed yet again. In the meantime, the Handpan has become an integral part of his life and he no longer goes anywhere without having one or more in his luggage. Today he can combine his two great passions: 1. to convey knowledge vividly (he has been doing this for 15 years on stages and in seminar rooms on life-philosophical contents) and 2. making music (together), especially with the handpan. You can get a glimpse of his energy in handpan workshops here:

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