Handpan Manufacturers

Here you will find a list of all manufacturers of instruments and accessories in our Handpan Shop.


Alessio Massi

The idea of Evatek Hardcase originated from a personal need of Alessio. On his travels he looked for protection for his Handpan - and then everything went.... All infos on Evatek



The company KitaPantam (formerly KitaDrums) is a manufacturer of high quality handpans, was founded in late 2015 by Nima Taghavi and began its work producing.... All infos on KITA



Aurélien discovered the Handpan in 2008 and started building steel tongue drums before specializing on Handpan. He has been living for about 10 years.... All infos on Koan

Leaf Soundsculptures

Zach Lamscha

The idea of creating a living sound sculpture was inspired by my own enthusiasm and love to these instruments. I would always sit and wonder: how can.... All infos on Leaf Soundsculptures

MAG instruments

Peter, Richard, Aron and Patrik

MAG Instruments was founded in 2014 by Peter, Richard, Aron and Patrik with the goal of becoming the first Hungarian handpan manufacturer to sell its instruments.... All infos on MAG instruments

Nala Sound Sculptures


Purcaru Silviu discovered the handpan for himself on YouTube and immediately fell in love with the instrument. For many years he played on the streets.... All infos on Nala Sound Sculptures

Pantheon Steel - Halo

United States
Kyle Cox

Pantheon Steel was founded in 2004 by Kyle Cox, an experienced steel drum builder. Kyle was one of the first handpan.... All infos on Pantheon Steel - Halo


Benny and Alessia

Phoenix Handpan Oil is the first product of Phoenix Handpan Care line. Thanks to the presence of natural ingredients and essencial oil with antibacterial.... All infos on Phoenix

Rav Vast

Andrey Remyannikov

RAV Vasts are developed and produced by Andrey Remyannikov in Perm/Russia since 2013. He was inspired by the well-known Hang drums, but could not afford.... All infos on Rav Vast



Teana company was founded in 2019 by Zhang Wei and is based in China. Teana's mission is to produce high-quality stainless steel handpans with medium-long.... All infos on Teana



Unfortunately there are always prejudices that Chinese handpans are of poor quality. Ugur proves exactly the opposite!Precise workmanship, beautiful.... All infos on Ugur



Yishama is the most expensive handpan brand in the world - but in the handpan scene it is clearly one of the best! Almost all famous handpan players like.... All infos on Yishama

We also offer you used handpans from different manufacturers, or handpans that have small defects or have been returned after rental. These have been retuned and cleaned by us – it's always worth to have a look at our used handpans.