Manuela Franke - Handpan-Salon

01465 Dresden OT Langebrück

Music has accompanied Manuela since childhood – but that it has now also found its way into her professional context is thanks to the Handpan. As a systemic NeuroCoach, she uses the handpan in coaching sessions – it is a great process facilitator both tactilely and auditorily. As a heart opener and soul stroker, comfort giver and inspiring friend, meditation teacher, potential remover and mindset stretcher, the Handpan can enrich your life with new and wonderful aspects. In Manuela’s workshops you will find your way to this enchanting sound instrument in a relaxed, entertaining and uncomplicated way, even without any previous musical knowledge.

Infos for trying out handpans

You are interested in a Handpan and would like to come by to try it out? Touching it yourself, trying it out and discovering what you personally like is and remains the best way to find the right handpan! At Manuela Franke you have the possibility to test Handpans from our assortment as well as to participate in regular Handpan Workshops. Manuela's intention is to open up the experience space for everyone that it needs no previous knowledge and no special skills at all to learn the handpan while playing and to get into a wonderful joy of playing.