Wolfgang Fischer

90459 Nürnberg

Wolfgang Fischer is a certified music educator, systemic coach and director of the music school “Musikpunkt Nürnberg”. Specializing in adult education, Wolfgang Fischer has been teaching all types of drums and percussion for over 15 years. The basic concept of the workshop is based on two main pillars. On the one hand, on a musically grounded basic attitude. On the other hand, on the emphatic orientation, which sees the person as a whole and helps him to move forward.
Wolfgang Fischer was able to experience these competencies both as a professional musician and the accompanying studies at the music academies in Leipzig and Nuremberg, as well as through his training as a systemic coach.

Infos for trying out handpans

Du hast Interesse an einer Handpan und möchtest gerne zum Probespielen vorbeikommen? Selbst anfassen, ausprobieren und entdecken was persönlich gefällt, ist und bleibt der schönste Weg die passende Handpan zu finden! Bei Wolfgang Fischer in Nürnberg hast Du die Möglichkeit Handpans aus unserem Sortiment zu testen sowie an regelmäßig stattfindenden Handpan Workshops teilzunehmen.