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Handpan retuning

All handpans from Sound Sculpture Handpan Shop can be retuned directly in our store. Your warranty will of course remain.

You don't have to send the instrument to the respective manufacturer and save a lot of time, shipping costs and in some cases the detour over customs.

You want to have a handpan tuned that was not bought in our store?

This is also possible in some cases! However, it is a prerequisite that your handpan has already sounded good before and that the handpan manufacturer is known! Our goal is not to tune badly built Handpans well. This also means that we do not retune all manufacturers, as the effort is often out of proportion to the cost.

To tune your handpan we need a video in which all notes are played by the handpan. We do not need a song or masterpieces, but only a video in which you play each note individually several times. This way we can estimate how much it will cost to retune your instrument so that it sounds good again.

However, we can only give you an exact estimate once we have inspected your handpan on site.