Workshop partner

Our workshop partners introduce themselves.

  • Petra Kleinecke

    28357 Bremen

    Petra Kleinecke is a handpan player, percussionist, music pedagogue and Gestalt music therapist. In her workshops she connects heart and mind: playfully she leads participants to expand their knowledge and possibilities.

  • Roland Becker - HandpanTemple

    12107 Berlin

    The HandpanTemple in Berlin Tempelhof has rapidly developed into a popular meeting place for the Berlin handpan scene and many handpan enthusiasts. The store in the showroom houses an exclusive selection of handpans from various manufacturers. The range is complemented by a wide selection of accessories, such as handpan care oil, handpan bags, handpan stands and ropes.

  • Manuela Franke - Handpan-Salon

    01465 Dresden OT Langebrück

    Music has accompanied Manuela since childhood - but that it has now also found its way into her professional context is thanks to the Handpan. As a systemic NeuroCoach, she uses the handpan in coaching sessions - it is a great process facilitator both tactilely and auditorily. As a heart opener and soul stroker, comfort giver and inspiring friend, meditation teacher, potential remover and mindset stretcher, the Handpan can enrich your life with new and wonderful aspects. In Manuela's workshops you will find your way to this enchanting sound instrument in a relaxed, entertaining and uncomplicated way, even without any previous musical knowledge.

  • Sound Sculpture Handpan Shop

    Sound Sculpture – Handpan Shop | Weltmusikakademie Mainz
    Neutorstr. 10
    55116 Mainz
  • Jochen Metze

    48151 Münster

    Jochen Metze studied percussion at the Conservatorium in Enschede. He has been on the road for more than two decades as a professional musician with various band projects. He has been teaching drums/percussion and directing several ensembles for just as long. He also gives drum and Band workshops. Jochen Metze flirted with the Handpan for a long time, until he finally fulfilled his wish. Now, with great pleasure, he passes on his experience in workshops and classes.

  • Charly Böck

    85055 Ingolstadt

    Charly Böck - freelance percussionist, drum circle facilitator, bandleader and author. He studied percussion in Munich and Havana, plays in several bands and is internationally known as a workshop leader. Since 2007, the handpan has been the focus of his sound and rhythm journeys.

  • Fernando Lyra

    69115 Heidelberg

    Fernando Lyra is a multi-instrumentalist and sound expert based in Heidelberg, Germany. He learned and developed techniques for various percussion and woodwind instruments such as handpan, kaval, ney, darbouka, def, pandeiro, didgerido, Jew's harps, asalato, cajon and hulusi. He has performed on various stages throughout Europe and offers workshops and master classes for various instruments.

  • Wolfgang Fischer

    90459 Nürnberg

    Wolfgang Fischer is a certified music educator, systemic coach and director of the music school "Musikpunkt Nürnberg". Specializing in adult education, Wolfgang Fischer has been teaching all types of drums and percussion for over 15 years. The basic concept of the workshop is based on two main pillars. On the one hand, on a musically grounded basic attitude. On the other hand, on the emphatic orientation, which sees the person as a whole and helps him to move forward. Wolfgang Fischer was able to experience these competencies both as a professional musician and the accompanying studies at the music academies in Leipzig and Nuremberg, as well as through his training as a systemic coach.

  • Roland Becker - HandpanHof Babben

    03246 Massen-Niederlausitz

    HandpanHof Babben is located in the historic former Fiebig inn in the picturesque village of Babben in the Niederlausitzer Landrücken Nature Park, just a few minutes from Lübbenau and Vetschau in the Spreewald. We build, rent and sell handpans (steel drums) with beautifully relaxed spherical sounds. We regularly offer workshops for beginners. Knowledge of music theory is not required. The instrument opens up quickly in an intuitive way. We have a large rentable event hall for music events, handpan gatherings and yoga retreats, our own festival meadow, as well as a campground with a large forest swimming pool and a guesthouse in town.

  • Fabiana Olsen

    21423 Winsen (Luhe)

    Fabiana has been playing handpan for just under seven years. As a music teacher for handpan at the music school in Winsen, she offers lessons as well as regular get-to-know-you workshops.

  • Louis L.

    21149 Hamburg

    Louis is a Hamburg percussionist and music producer. Since 2014 he has been playing on international stages from small to large and has long been well established in the scene around the handpan. His style is refreshing and ranges from interpretations from classical music to pop covers and imaginative original compositions.

  • Markus Gerlach

    44359 Dortmund

    The experienced live/studio drummer, percussionist, handpan player, instrumental teacher (University of Cologne HF), and rhythm coach not only teaches on the instruments drums, percussion, and handpan but also has his own groove practice drum2com, where he also teaches the positive health aspects of drumming for stress relief, strengthening concentration, training the brain's cognitive abilities, and better coordination of the body in general.

  • Markus Reich - Percussion Reich

    35394 Gießen

    Markus Reich has been playing Handpans since 2008 and works as a professional percussionist in various bands. He is at home as a multi-percussionist in numerous styles. He has many years of teaching experience and is a lecturer for a wide variety of institutions, including UNI Giessen. In his classes he responds to the individual needs of the participants and offers profound advice and deep insight into the fascinating handpan world. He also offers a concert program (Handpan & Meer).

  • harmony ALAKUS

    68623 Lampertheim

    The two musicians and sound therapists Ute Kilian and Frank Willi Schmidt combine sound and live music with relaxation in their concerts. Frank Willi Schmidt has been on stage as a bass player for over 30 years, providing sonorous rhythm. He can be heard on over 60 CDs and has worked for Thomas Anders and André Heller, among others. Ute Kilian has been playing various instruments since the age of 6 and is trained in many relaxation techniques, including hypnosis. In addition to two of their own CD productions, they have contributed their sounds as guest musicians on various CDs.

  • Jan Eppler

    98544 Zella-Mehlis

    Jan Eppler discovered the mysterious world of music at the age of 4 inside a big drum. Since 1990 he has been working as a musician and music educator in the fields of medieval, folk and world music. Since 2015 he has been working with the handpan and offers regular workshops.

  • Marcus Ottschofski

    83671 Benediktbeuren

    Marcus Ottschofski - freelance musician, percussionist, music producer and graduate social pedagogue. He completed his percussion training with Paul Engel, Famoudou Konate, Billy Konate and Adama Dramé. He is a graduate of the certified djembe teacher training at the Djembe School Munich with Uschi Billmeier and lecturer at the Catholic Collegiate School Munich/ Benediktbeuern in the area of the Music Pedagogical Additional Training (MUZA) on the topic of "Music in Social Work at Schools". He devotes himself to ensemble activities in various formations.

  • Karin Graf - Heartbeats - Space for Rhythmic Impulses

    66287 Saarbrücken/Quierschied

    Karin Graf is a percussionist and sound artist. She runs a center for music, dance and movement in Saarbrücken, the " Raum für Rhythmische Impulse". This lovingly designed room offers wonderful acoustics with its room height of 10 meters, so that every Handpan Workshop becomes an enjoyable and relaxing experience for body, mind and soul.

  • Albrecht Bibas

    30169 Hannover

    Albrecht Bibas began his musical training on the classical guitar at the age of seven. In his teens he formed his first bands and switched to electric guitar and bass. Then, at the age of 16, he discovered his passion for the drums. Building on this, he decided to study music. As an artist he realizes himself in various bands, besides he has been giving drum lessons for children, teenagers and adults for ten years.

  • Petra Eisend - Drum Experience

    97421 Schweinfurt

    About 8 years ago the Hang or Handpan entered Petra Eisend's life, whose fascination she completely succumbed to and to which she dedicates all her passion. In the last few years she has intensively studied these special sound bodies and learned to play them in many different ways.

  • Hangklang - Rolf Predotka

    37627 Deensen

    Rolf Predotka aka Hangklang: It all started with one note almost 30 years ago - the keynote of the didgeridoo. This was followed by sound work, unusual sound instruments, sound tent, sound world, sound space and finally also the work with the hang and later the handpans. Performances with handpans, handpanworkshops, handpan-CD's, Hang&Harp, handpan consulting are part of the main work of Hangklang today.

  • Ranvita Hahn - Rhythm Worlds

    50354 Hürth / bei Köln

    Ranvita Hahn is a musician, Taketina Teacher and founder of the Rhythmuswelten School near Cologne. She has been leading various percussion classes and events (conga, handpan, frame drums, taiko) since the early 90s. Each of them is a musical experience that will give you inspiration for your own playing. The focus is on different touch techniques, playing flow, coordination and playing repertoire. Depending on the duration and level of the workshop, polyphonic playing sequences will be developed, leading to the construction of a piece. The interplay of the handpans will immerse you in the experience of the groove already in the first lesson. Everyday life disappears for a small eternity.

  • Fabian Küpper aka "Handpan Mystic Flow

    47802 Krefeld

    Fabian Küpper aka "Handpan Mystic Flow" is a multi-instrumentalist and professional handpan musician from Krefeld (NRW). He inspires with his profound emotional and intuitive playing, which is rhythmically as well as melodically innovative, precise and expressive. In private lessons, he teaches beginners and advanced players the basics of his playing style, adapted to the individual's inclinations. Workshops are also possible.

  • Thomas Meisenheimer

    65193 Wiesbaden

    The Klang Tempel offers a space for free music lessons. In a relaxed, private atmosphere, the joy of improvised music without sheet music can be experienced here. A variety of musical instruments invite you to listen, try and get to know. Under expert guidance, an easy and playful approach to music is made possible. Thomas also leads the Rav Vast Drum Circle in the Rhein Main area.

  • Moritz Labschütz


    Moritz Labschütz is a multi-instrumentalist, studied jazz drums at the Gustav Mahler Conservatory in Vienna and now offers handpan workshops and lessons for beginners and advanced players. The fascination of handpan sounds excited him right away and he has been involved in various national and international handpan projects since 2016.

  • Kay Rauber

    As the son of a percussionist, musical instruments have been among Kay Raubers toys from an early age. In his teenage years, he expanded his percussion world and became intensively involved with drumming. Kay became known with "Bubble Beatz". An innovative drumming duo that turns every imaginable material into drums and is known for their powerful show. Since 2015 Kay Rauber is mainly engaged in Handpans and Rav Vast. In doing so, his knowledge of the world of rhythm serves as a solid foundation. Kay Rauber gives Handpan- Rhythm and Rav Vast courses all over Switzerland, at schools and in different studios.