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Evatek Hardcase – Backpack case large


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Evatek Hardcase Large

Height inside: 32cm

Height outside: 34cm

Diameter inside: 63,9cm

Diameter outside: 65cm


Advantages and disadvantages of a hardcase or softcase:

When buying a Handpan, you should also find a suitable Handpan bag for your Handpan. Hard- and softcases are suitable for this purpose. As the name suggests, your instrument is better protected from impacts in a hardcase than in a softcase. The softcase has the advantage of being cheaper, lighter and more comfortable to carry. When making your decision, you should consider how often you will be on tour with your instrument and what “conditions or stresses” it will be exposed to. When hiking, a soft case is much more comfortable, on a plane as hand luggage or in a crowded subway, a hardcase would be more appropriate due to better protection.


Alessio Massi

The idea of Evatek Hardcase originated from a personal need of Alessio. On his travels he looked for protection for his Handpan - and then everything went.... All infos about Evatek