E -Celtic Minor (8+1)


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The Handpan is available in 4 different designs:

  • Bronze with wipe pattern
  • Bronze/Golden with engraving in the middle
  • Silver with engraving
  • Silver without engraving

The handpans in silver are RUST FREE, they do not have to be oiled and can also be stored in the bag! No maintainance required! The bronze/golden handpan must be treated with a special oil to protect it from rust.

Price includes bag!

Video by Adrian J Portia (please use headphones for better sound!)

The Handpans are shipped free of charge with DHL and are insured. The Handpan is shipped in a sturdy wooden box, specially designed for Handpans.  A test in our shop in Mainz is of course also possible. Or visit a workshop with our workshop partners to try our Handpans. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you puchase a Handpan in our shop you get a free beginner Handpan workshop in our music school in Mainz. You can find the dates on our workshop page.

440 Hz

Stainless steel

E B D E F# G A B D

Diameter ⌀ 55 cm
Height 27 cm
Weight 4 kg

Scale video



Unfortunately, there are always prejudices that Chinese handpans are of poor quality. Ugur proves exactly the opposite! Precise workmanship, beautiful... All infos on Ugur