F#-Magic Voyage (8+1)


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F# Magic Voyage


440 Hz


Stainless steel


F# A C# E F# G# A C# E

Handpan Design

Bronze – Golden with engraving, Bronze – Wipe pattern, Silver (rust free), Silver with engraving (rust free)

Number of notes


Diameter⌀ 55 cm
Height27 cm
Weight4 kg

The Handpan is available in 4 different designs:

  • Silver (rust free)
  • Silver with engraving (rust free)
  • Bronze - Golden with engraving
  • Bronze - Wipe pattern

The silver handpans do not need to be oiled and can also be stored in your backpack bag! Easy to maintain!

Price includes backpack bag!

Within Germany the Handpans are shipped insured and free of charge with DHL. The Handpan is shipped in a sturdy wooden box specially designed for Handpans. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Scale video

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Improv video

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Unfortunately, there are always prejudices that Chinese handpans are of poor quality. Ugur proves exactly the opposite!Precise workmanship, beautiful.... All infos on Ugur