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Quality and variety

We offer brands from the most reputable manufacturers in the world. Players such as Kabeção, Adrian J Portia, Hang Massive or Marcel Hutter play brands from our store!


Here you can learn everything about the brands and manufacturers. We do not carry "hidden" private labels that are not marked as such.
Our own brand is transparently declared as "Sound Sculpture".

Warranty and service

All manufacturers have a 2 year warranty.
Should your handpan get out of tune, we can help you get it back in sound.

14 day money-back guarantee!

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About Sound Sculpture Handpan

At Sound-Sculpture - Handpan Shop we offer you everything your Handpan heart desires! Here you will find everything about Handpans – starting with Handpan Workshops and lessons for beginners and advanced players, individual purchase advice, trying out handpans, rentals and after-sales services, such as retuning your Handpan, as well as numerous events & concerts, which we also organize in cooperation with our partners.

Almost all of our manufacturers instruments that we carry in our Handpan handpan shop are played by well-known Handpan players such as Kabeção, Adrian J Portia, David Charrier, Hang Massive or Marcel Hutter, just to name a few. Our Workshop partners are also convinced of the quality of our Handpans and many instruments can be tried and purchased directly from them. In our Handpan shop you can find sound examples for most Handpans. This way you can get first impressions and discover your preferences.

On our info page you will find important tips and advice on the subject of buying a Handpan and information that you should take into account when making your purchase decision. If you have a Handpan and want to know which scale from our shop fits your Handpan, you can contact us and we will be happy to advise you on all questions about Handpans!