Why can't I order some products online or have them delivered?

Handpans are sensitive instruments that can go out of tune if handled improperly. For this reason we only offer pick-up and testing of most handpans on site – in principle we always recommend to test different handpans before you decide to get one .

How do I find a Handpan that suits best to me?

It is best to inform yourself in advance about the purchase of a Handpan on the Internet (e.g. www.Handpan-Portal.de ) or similar forums. In Mainz you have the possibility to test different manufacturers and scales and ask all open questions. We advise you to all instruments and what needs to be considered. We always strive to have an extensive selection of manufacturers and scales in our Sound Lab.

What is the difference between Steel Tongue Drums and Handpans?

Steel tongue drums are made of thicker steel, the tongues are lasered or cut. Steel tongue drums cannot get out of tune if handled properly. They resonate longer than Handpans and therefore have a more meditative effect. Steel tongue drums are somewhat quieter than normal hand pans.

Handpans are made of thinner steel and hammered. They are more sensitive than steel tongue drums and usually have to be retuned every few years.

What are the differences between steel and stainless steel hand pans?

Stainless steel vibrates longer than nitrided steel and cannot rust. Steel or nitrided steel are more susceptible to rust, but are better suited for fast, percussive playing.

What do I have to consider handling the Handpan?

You should not store your Handpan or Steel Tongue Drum in your bag, as condensation can form and in the worst case this can lead to rust. You should also not play the instruments in the sauna – all places with high humidity are unsuitable for the Handpans and Steel Tongue Drums (unless made of stainless steel!). Direct sunlight and extreme heat should be avoided, but only for handpans (not steel tongue drums) .

What maintainance is needed for my handpan?

With some manufacturers inexpensive care products such as Ballistol can be used, other manufacturers recommend Phoenix oil, again other auto polish care. We advise you when buying a Handpan also to the care.