About us


Our Vision

Our vision is to bring together the leading handpan manufacturers worldwide under one roof and provide top-notch service. This includes not only the maintenance and retuning of your handpan but also comprehensive services such as handpan workshops and lessons, the organization of concerts and events featuring globally renowned handpan players, the opportunity to participate in a handpan ensemble, and the hosting of open-stage events.

Furthermore, we foster networking and exchange within the handpan community through our platforms on Facebook, "Handpan Freunde Deutschland" (already with over 4800 members), and our new site www.Handpan-Freunde.de.

At Sound Sculpture, it's not just about handpans; it's about the passion for extraordinary sound experiences, sharing knowledge, and creating a unique community. Immerse yourself in the world of Sound Sculpture—where sounds become stories, and instruments become a part of your journey.


What Sets us apart from other shops?

Our philosophy: Transparency, excellent service, and unparalleled quality. In contrast to many other shops that primarily stock private labels — where the origin and manufacturer of handpans often remain unknown - we prioritize genuine manufacturer quality. We exclusively offer handpans from reputable manufacturers, ensuring you always know where your instrument comes from and who crafted it. The only exception is our in-house brand, Sound Sculpture - a commitment to the highest standards.


In 2015, Felix himself was on the quest for the perfect handpan but quickly realized the absence of specialized stores where one could try out various manufacturers. Thus, he embarked on a journey across Europe to personally visit different handpan manufacturers. This laid the groundwork for the unique concept of Sound Sculpture, leading to the opening of the first specialized handpan shop in Germany.

The initial manufacturers came on board, and enthusiasts visited Felix's rehearsal space or even his living room. All of this happened without an official website, solely through word of mouth. However, another challenge emerged - repairing and retuning handpans. This is where Zach from Leaf Sound Sculptures entered the scene. To this day, Zach is the backbone of Sound Sculpture, an expert advising on quality assurance and providing the best service if something happens to your handpan.



Over time, more reputable manufacturers joined the Sound Sculpture team. In 2017, the first dedicated space for Sound Sculpture was established—a 55m² historic cellar in the heart of Mainz. After nearly 2 years, due to various regulations from the local authorities, it had to be closed. Fortunately, new premises were found just 300m around the corner, where Sound Sculpture still resides today.

The Sound Sculpture - Handpan Shop has become an inspiring place for many individuals in search of the perfect handpan for themselves.

Today, under our roof, we unite the world's leading handpan manufacturers: from Halo, whose creator coined the term "handpan", to Yishama, played by every globally renowned player, Leaf, responsible for numerous innovations in the handpan world, or Satya, who built a handpan with the most notes ever (30 notes!).

The Sound Sculpture team consists of 12 renowned manufacturers, 10 passionate staff members, and over 20 workshop partners, all dedicated to providing you with a unique entry into the fascinating world of handpans.