Evatek Aviotek (Medium)


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Evatek AVIOTEK (Medium)

After years of research, Evatek has found a way to mix 3 different materials and make it all into one:

- Rubber fabric: the best grip ever seen, absorbs and makes the case more stable in any situation
- E.V.A material: for absorbing vibrations during strong impacts
- Platsik PI: Lighter, but extremely strong. Used to make Aviotek 100% hard as a tank


AVIOTEK - simpler and lighter than the Evatek Fly

The new "cross vault" shape is the perfect balance between design and performance.
In architecture, a cross vault, also called a pavilion vault, is a vault with four concave surfaces (cylindrical surfaces) that meet at a point above the center of the vault. The vault can be thought of as two barrel vaults that intersect at right angles to each other: The open space inside the vault is the intersection of the space inside the two barrel vaults, and the solid material surrounding the vault is the connection of the solid material surrounding the two barrel vaults.


Alessio Massi

The idea of Evatek Hardcase originated from a personal need of Alessio. On his travels he looked for protection for his Handpan - and then everything went.... All infos about Evatek