Bürdenbach - Advanced Handpan Camp (24.-26.05.2024)

Grube Louise
Bergstr. 1-5
56593 Bürdenbach
Slightly Advanced, Advanced

420,- Euro incl. VAT, drinks, healthy snacks and rental instrument

Plus. Costs for accommodation and full board.

The Advanced Handpan Camp is aimed at all those who have already taken their first steps on the handpan and would like further inspiration.

  • Do you sometimes sit at your instrument and can’t think of anything new?
  • Have you lost your initial enthusiasm and have been playing less or not at all recently?
  • You know a few beat patterns and maybe even a whole song, but it’s not so easy for you to create something new?
  • Would you like to get (even more) into free improvisation, from which real songs emerge?
  • You are inspired by my game and want to know my secret 😉?
  • Do you want to get more out of your head and more into your feelings when playing?
  • Would you like to have endless new starting points for new songs, compositions and improvisation?

In just under 48 hours, we have enough time to explore all these questions (and more). We discover new rhythms, bring groove and harmony into play, discover magical melodies and simply have a good time together. Full of music, laughter, presence and connection.

To enable an intensive exchange and learning process, the number of participants is limited to 16 places.

In the group we will play on D Kurds, you can borrow one for a small fee. The content is also transferred to your handpan during the seminar on site (even if it is not a D Kurd).

Registration takes place via the Institute for Applied Creativity (IAK).


May 24 – 26 Advanced Camp

Start: Friday 17:00 | End: Sunday approx. 15:00



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We also offer handpan workshops outside of Bürdenbach. Check it out to see if there are any workshops in your vicinity.

About the organizer

Leander Greitemann

Leander Greitemann ist Autor, Coach, Handpanspieler und leidenschaftlicher Handpanteacher. In seinen Workshop und Einzelcoachings verbindet sich seine Begeisterung für das Vermitteln von Inhalten mit seiner Freude an Musik und seiner Obsession für die Handpan. Sein Anspruch ist, vermeintlich komplizierte Dinge spielend einfach zu vermitteln, um darüber einen ungeahnt tiefen Kontakt zu diesem Instrument zu erzeugen.