Mainz - Handpan Open Stage

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Neutorstraße 10
55116 Mainz
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We cordially invite you to the Handpan Open Stage. Hosted by Leander Greitemann (and certainly played on at times), handpan enthusiasts from different backgrounds come together in one evening to celebrate performances of different levels. Whether you don’t play handpan at all, have just started or play sold-out halls: you are invited to listen or show yourself on stage.

There are a few rules to ensure that the evening is entertaining for everyone involved: Firstly, each person is only allowed on stage once and for a limited time. This ensures that no one gets completely carried away, forgets time and space and then opens their eyes at the end and realizes that no one has been there for hours 😊

Nobody is forced to perform, but we are especially happy to have you perform if you never play in front of other people. Use the space of like-minded, well-meaning people to share your music. That will be a great pleasure!

We would be very happy to receive a donation from each of you to cover the costs! Please indicate briefly in the registration form whether you can imagine playing live (so that we have a small overview in advance). Individual and group performances are also welcome!

Admission: 18:30

Start: 7 pm

We also offer handpan workshops outside of Mainz. Check it out to see if there are any workshops in your vicinity.