Markus Reich - Percussion Reich

35394 Gießen

Markus Reich has been playing Handpans since 2008 and works as a professional percussionist in various bands. He is at home as a multi-percussionist in numerous styles. He has many years of teaching experience and is a lecturer for a wide variety of institutions, including UNI Giessen. In his classes he responds to the individual needs of the participants and offers profound advice and deep insight into the fascinating handpan world. He also offers a concert program (Handpan & Meer).

Infos for trying out handpans

You are interested in a Handpan and would like to come by to try it out? Touching it yourself, trying it out and discovering what you personally like is and remains the best way to find the right handpan! At Markus Reich you have the possibility to test Handpans from our assortment as well as to participate in regular Handpan workshops.